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Spirit of the Viking

An Introduction to Norse Spirituality 

Embark on a voyage through your soul as you discover the spirit of the Viking within!

Taught by experienced Norse specialist Samantha  J Chilton, learn to tread the path of Norse spirituality, from its most basic roots through to its mysterious depths. Begin with the general history, worldview, and sects of Norse spirituality, before moving onto in-depth presentations.

These introduce the Eddas, including the Hávamál, the Sagas, the Vanir and Aesir, Sedir, the runic language, and offshoot traditions, such as Germanic and Saxon.

Practical's include teaching the construction and use of Blót ceremonies and the appeasing of spirits, such as house Wights, Guardians, and Ancestors.

Join Samantha J Chilton – Esoteric artist and Norse specialist and Thomas Smith – Archaeologist and esoteric specialist, in this fascinating 12 month course.

2nd Saturday of every month
Taught in person at Ravenwood (Bridgnorth, Shropshire UK) with refreshments and light lunch included
£120 per month - 10% discount for complete course payment in advance.


£99 per month - Study at home - online option

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