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The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess


The three symbols depicting the three goddesses typically found in wiccan and neo-pagan traditions.


-The Maiden, symbolic of new beginnings. She is youthful and pure, venturing into life with a creativity and confidence. She is depicted with the waxing moon.
-The Mother, symbolic of motherhood, birthing new ideas and having a caring nature. She is depicted with the full moon.

-The Crone, symbolic of wisdom, guidance and vision. She is depicted with the waning moon.


Each set comes with three statues, cast in a high quality plaster, painted and varnished to your own personal tastes.

As these are individually crafted items, your purchase may differ from the photos shown, please take this into consideration when you buy this product.
The standard colour for these statues are ' Brown ' - as seen in the photos. You are able to customise the colour of your statues at an additional price, please select your chosen colour below.
Please note that if you choose to have a custom colour that it will take up to 3 weeks to complete your order.


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