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The Norse goddess and giantess associated with bow hunting, winter, skiing and the mountings.Her home is in the highest mountains where the snow never melts. 

Tales tell that Skadi came the norse gods to avenge the killing of her father, the giant Thiazi. To settle the disagreement, she was allowed to marry ones of the gods. This came with one condition from Odin, she was to pick her husband to be by selecting the feet she was most attracted to. She had high hopes she would choose Baldur, for who she secretly loved. Selecting the most attractive feet - thinking it to be Baldur's, she has wrongfully chosen Njord, who's feet were soft and beautiful from the sea which he governed. However she went ahead with the marriage and kept her side of the bargain. The union was however doomed from the start, the mismatched couple could not settle on their home, Njord loving his home next to the sea and Skadi longing for her home in the mountings. They separated after a short time together and both returned to their homes.


Standard colour for these statues are ' Brown ' - as seen in the photos. You are able to customise the colour of your statues at an additional price, please see the drop down menu for these options.Please note that if you choose to have a custom colour that it will take up to 3 weeks to complete your order.

Skadi stands at 8 and a half cms tall.

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