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The Norse goddess and Jotun Nott, the personification of night.

Shes rides across the nights sky bringing in the night with her horse named Hrimfaxi (frost-mane).

She is said to have had three husbands and bore Dagr (day), Dellingr (dawn), Aud (wealth) and Jord (earth), whom is consort to Odin and mother to Thor. Nott is associated with night, darkness, dreams and sleep. 


This statue has been sculpted to appear weathered before being cast in a high quality plaster.

Hand painted, each statue is special and unique, and may differ slightly from the picture.
The standard colour for these statues are ' Brown ' - as seen in the photos. You are able to customise the colour of your statues at an additional price, please select your chosen colour below.
Please note that if you choose to have a custom colour that it will take up to 3 weeks to complete your order.


Nott stands at 9.5 cm tall

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